Qualities and benefits of wearing Panna, pukhraj, heera

Before we began its important to know the concept behind how gemstones works and brings fortune. As we know astrology is an old science(scientific reason:-why to wear gemstones) which have their roots in the past.

Panna (Emerald):-

Emerald is a gemstone of green shading having a place with the group of beryl jewels. This gemstone is uncommon in light of the fact that it is extremely hard to locate a perfect emerald. Most emeralds are deficient, having a quill - like break and considerations. To discover an emerald that is of rich green shading, superbly straightforward, with a smooth reflection and high particular gravity is troublesome.

General properties of Gemstone:-

Planet:- Mercury

Astronomical Color:- Green

Sign:- Gemini, Virgo

Component:- Earth

Time:- Sunrise

Day:- Wednesday

Characteristics of Emerald Gemstone:-

Rich green homogeneous shading that is profound and charming, similar to a sharp edge of crisp grass. Relieving contact and charming sight, which gives quiet vibrations and spellbinds the heart. Smoothness that comes when the stone has a fine wrap up. Minimization, which gives it high particular gravity. Holds its shading and gloss in a wide range of lights and shades. Vitreous gloss, brilliance, radiance, splendor. Fine cut, which lights up it from all sides.


A jewel of the corundum family, yellow sapphire is a twin of ruby and blue sapphire. It is found in yellow, brilliant, and orange hues, and in addition in a dismal assortment known as white sapphire. The best diamond is said to be of lemon-yellow shading.

General properties of Jupiter Gemstone (Pukhraj):-

Planet:- Jupiter

Vast Color:- Light Blue

Sign:- Sagittarius, Pisces

Component:- Ether

Time:- Sunset

Day:- Thursday

Metal:- Yellow Gold

Indications of all around set Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Wealth, name, acclaim, achievement and respect Good youngsters and grand kids Wisdom, life span Happiness
The Yellow Sapphire gemstone keeps the accompanying maladies catarrh, flow of blood in the veins and fat in the body. clutters of pancreas, tumors, skin inconveniences, cerebral blockage. Liver objections, jaundice, dropsy, fart, dyspepsia, canker.

Characteristics of Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj):-

Self-iridescent quality: it ought to radiate light everywhere on its surface Regular shape Solidity, hardness Uniformity of shading, with no layers Evenness in surface, with no varieties in thickness Smooth feel Transparency, which makes it spotless and unadulterated Rich smooth gloss that can be seen with the exposed eye Heaviness or high particular gravity that can be felt when set on the palm. Lovely appearance

Diamond Jewel (Shukra/Venus Stone):-

Most alluring to the eyes, the jewel is well known for its play of hues. It radiates an exceptionally fragile somewhat blue, ruddy, or a blend of blue and red brilliance of sparkling shine when presented to light. The pearl is iridescent and stunning, and transmits flashes of light. A fine precious stone is brilliant, brilliant, and great. It is as calming to the eyes as the Moon; it is dazzling and brilliant and has the self-glowing nature of an unmistakable precious stone.
Following are the general properties of Gemstone:-

Planet:- Venus

Infinite Color:- White

Sign:- Taurus, Libra

Component:- Water

Time:- Sunrise

Day:- Friday

Characteristics of Diamond Luster Good shading:-

The best jewels are lackluster Transparence Smoothness Pleasant Appearance Luminosity Play of hues - showering blue, red, and rainbow-hued beams Hardness.


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