what actually Rahu is, according to Astrology

RAHU-THE DRAGON'S HEAD The North Node of the Moon is called RAHU in Vedic crystal gazing and the South Node is called KETU. They are called dim or shadow planets, due to the Nodes' relationship with the wonders of shrouds.To Minimize the bad effects of rahu one need to wear Gomed Ratna, according to Astrologers their is a relationship between Rahu and Gomed Ratna  They have no sign ruler ships, in spite of the fact that they are said to support Mercury and Jupiter's signs as indicated by a few specialists, while others guarantee that Rahu supports the indication of Aquarius and Ketu the indication of Scorpio. Rahu, the North Node of the Moon intends to disguise, inundate or cover up in Sanskrit.

Rahu is related with the profound procedure of advancement, or the charming of soul in emergence. Rahu is a karaka, or marker, of common want, popularity, insatiability, high insight, control, over the top conduct, outsiders, mass sickness, dementia and inactivity.
Rahu callings: Rahu is an amazing expert of double dealing who means con artists, delight searchers, administrators in remote grounds, street pharmacists, poison merchants, unscrupulous and shameless acts,etc.

Rahu maladies:- It gives self-destructive propensities, fears, fears, noxious chomps, kill, robbery, detainment, and infections like cholera, looseness of the bowels, skin illnesses, swelling of the uterus, and obstruction.

Rahu is fit for giving influence when appropriately placed or magnified, and it gives notoriety, accomplishment in legislative issues, cash, and physical magnificence (i.e., fascination).

Rahu carries on like saturn:- Rahu is viewed as like Saturn in its impact. Smoky blue is its shading, instinctual and carnal its tendency. Rahu is intrigued as a rule in accomplishing everything that gives delight, and regardless of whether it accomplishes all it needs, it is forever discontent (which is valid for our carnal nature). Virgo is in reality appointed to Mercury, however Rahu being likened to Saturn and Mercury being a companion of Saturn, Rahu along these lines has expert over Virgo.

 Rahu lord of concoction industry: Rahu represents a wide range of toxic synthetic compounds like manures, pesticides, and disinfectants that are being used in the present occasions. It likewise administers every one of the substances with a solid impactful notice like the sulfur-dioxide gas. There is no equivalent to Rahu with regards to giving Upliftment in Name and Fame , Sudden Luck Gambling, which is presumably the motivation behind why Western soothsayers see it as the best benefic power.

Rahu and Ketu story: There is a story in the Puranas that recounts the God Vishnu administering AMRITA,the nectar of interminability to the Devas. While Vishnu was administering this amrita, a devil, Rahu blended with the Devas and was getting the amrita when the Sun and the Moon found him. With the lights calling alert, Vishnu tossed his disk (Soodarshana Chakra) at Rahu and remove his head. In any case, Rahu had effectively flushed the Amrita and now remained an unfading head, disassociated from an eternal body.

Rahu is the most grounded foe of Sun and Moon. There is much legend and puzzle encompass the Moon's Nodes in Vedic fantasy, and they are considered of vital significance in outline elucidation. Actually, in evaluating planetary power, the main Graha that is more great than the Sun is Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, as a result of his capacity to swallow the Sun amid an aggregate sun based obscuration.


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